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Table 2 Process design data and design electrical data of the demonstration plant

From: Making use of geothermal brine in Indonesia: binary demonstration power plant Lahendong/Pangolombian

  Temperatures Mass flow rates Electrical power
Brine supply Tgeo,i  °C 172.5 geo in kg/s 32.0   
Tgeo,o  °C 142.5     
Hot water cycle THW,i in  °C 165.0 ̇HW in kg/s 32.0 Pel,HP in kW 8.9
THW,o in  °C 135.0     
Cooling water cycle Ta,i in  °C 25.0 a in kg/s 221.4 Pel,F in kW 25.4
Ta,o in  °C 40.7     
TCW,i in  °C 34.0 CW in kg/s 86.1 Pel,CP in kW 16.2
TCW,o in  °C 44.0     
ORC-unit Tev in  °C 142.6 ̇WF in kg/s 9.5 Pel,G in kW 499.4
Tcd in  °C 49.4    Pel,P in kW 23.4
Net power      Pel,Net in kW 425.5