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Fig. 1

From: A probabilistic geologic model of the Krafla geothermal system constrained by gravimetric data

Fig. 1

Map of the Krafla area. a Topographic map of the Krafla area showing geothermal surface manifestations (red), eruptive fissures and craters (brown), outer caldera rim (lines with filled triangles), inferred inner caldera rim (lines with open triangles), and roads (yellow). Box shows the area of the geologic model built in this study (Fig. 3). b Location of the Krafla volcanic center in the northern volcanic zone, along with other volcanic centers. Volcanic centers in the Northern Volcanic Zone (NVZ) are labeled (Þ = Theistareykir, F = Fremrinámur, A = Askja, Kv = Kverkfjöll) as well as the Husavík Flatey Fault (HFF). Box shows the area of the map of Krafla shown in a. Coordinates are shown in ISNET95 (same as Lambert 95)

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