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Table 1 Specimen properties

From: Thermally driven fracture aperture variation in naturally fractured granites

Specimen L (mm) w (mm) Fracture type \({b}_{\text{mean}}\) (mm) \(\sigma\) (mm) \({L}_{\text{c}_\text{x}}\) (–) \({L}_{\text{c}_\text{y}}\) (–)
N14 49.7 25.0 Tensile 0.184 0.122 0.02 0.04
N19 46.0 24.5 Tensile 0.414 0.132 0.08 0.06
  1. Physical properties of the specimens under investigation, where L and w are the length and width of the aperture field of the specimen, respectively, \(b_{\text{mean}}\) and \(\sigma\) are the mean and the standard deviation of the aperture distributions, respectively, \({L}_{\text{c}_\text{x}}\) is the normalized correlation length in the flow direction, and \({L}_{\text{c}_\text{y}}\) is the normalized correlation length in the direction perpendicular to the flow