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Table 6 Aquifer productivity [PRODUCTIV] categories in GK500 dataset

From: A machine learning approach for mapping the very shallow theoretical geothermal potential

Description\(N_{\text {GK500}}\)Area (\(\text {km}^{2}\))
Barely exploitable, usually in fine sands250508.32
Surface water2501377.6
Glacier, Neve377866.28
Not locally or barely exploitable293010,816.72
Not very productive24619197.0
Not very productive, in the moraines22636507.36
Productive, variable or low productivity17966144.08
Variable productivity4841411.32
Variable productivity in loamy gravels9561321.08
Usable saturated area for a depth of 10 to 20 m284771.68
Usable saturated area for a depth of 2 to 10 m11122061.04
Usable saturated area for a depth of more than 20 m157471.56
  1. \(N_{\text {GK500}}\) is the number of polygons for each category and Area is the total area spanned by all polygons of the category