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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 4 Hydrogeology [HYDRO] categories in GK500 dataset

From: A machine learning approach for mapping the very shallow theoretical geothermal potential

Description\(N_{\text {GK500}}\)Area (\(\text {km}^{2}\))
No information169.8
Areas without productive aquifer reservoirs293010,816.72
Areas without productive reservoirs250508.32
Surface water2501377.6
Glacier, Neve377866.28
Aquifer tanks in karstifiable coherent rocks17966144.08
Low productive aquifers32187758.64
Low productive aquifers in unquantifiable, cracked and porous coherent rocks294510,608.32
Productive aquifers partly out of valley bottoms11122061.04
Highly productive aquifer reservoirs of valley bottoms4411243.24
  1. \(N_{\text {GK500}}\) is the number of polygons for each category and Area is the total area spanned by all polygons of the category