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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 1 Data characteristics used for estimating the theoretical potential

From: A machine learning approach for mapping the very shallow theoretical geothermal potential

DataRegionInputsPeriodTime Res.Spatial Res.ErrorSourceUse
Sunshine durationSwitzerlandMeteo stations1981−2010Monthly means66 stationsNegligibleMeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Features, labels
PrecipitationSwitzerlandMeteo stations1981−2010Monthly means417 stations± 4–40%MeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Features, labels
TemperatureSwitzerlandMeteo stations1981−2010Monthly means91 stationsNegligibleMeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Features, labels
Cloud coverSwitzerlandHuman observations1981−2010Monthly means23 stationsNAMeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Features, labels
Snow depthSwitzerlandMeteo stations + human observations> 2000Daily sum291 stationsNegligibleMeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Features, labels
Ground temperature (various depths)SwitzerlandMeasurement stations> 2000Hourly47 stations± 0.1–0.3 °CMeteoSwiss (IDAWEB 2018; Meteoswiss 2018)Labels, modelling
Soil moisture (various depths)WorldSatellite images> 01/04/201530 s3 km × 3 km± 0.05 m3/m3NASA SMAP (Das et al. 2018)Features, labels
Digital elevation model (DHM25)SwitzerlandElevation maps + aerial imagesNANA25 m \(\times\) 25 m± 2 mSwisstopo (geodata4edu 2018; Swisstopo 2018)Features
Geology cover polygons (GK500)SwitzerlandGeological Atlas of Switz. + other mapsNANA13,320 polygons± 0.02 mSwisstopo (geodata4edu 2018; Swisstopo 2018)Features
Soil structure (NABODAT)SwitzerlandMeasurements (Samples)NANA6212 pointsNAFOAG (NABODAT 2018)Features
Vertical Electrical SoundingsSwitzerlandMeasurementsNANA4144 pointsCoords: ± 10–30 mSGPK (Dumont and Chapellier 2003)Modelling, labels
Electrical/Thermal resistivity dataIndiaExperimental Measurements (“electrical res. box”)NANA118 points (in lab.)± 4%various studies (Erzin et al. 2010; Sreedeep et al. 2005)Features, labels
  1. SGPK Swiss Geophysical Commission, FOAG Federal Office for Agriculture