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Table 4 Performance indicators of two potential GWSs located in promising areas

From: An assessment of technical and economic feasibility to install geothermal well systems across Ukraine

Parameters and indicators of expected GCS performance Hydrogeological area
Fold province of the Carpathian Black Sea artesian basin
Location Mukachevo Henichesk
Well depth, m 700 2650
Rock type Limestone Sandstones
Maximum groundwater temperature at the well bottom,  °C 65 76
Groundwater salinity, g/dm3 76.4 32.1
Well flow rate, m3/day 1050 1455
Thermal output, MW (start/end of operation) 1.32/0.94 1.60/1.22
CO2 emission prevention owing to saving conventional fuel, t/a (start/end of operation)
 Coal 4632/3481 16,020/11,380
 Oil 3812/2865 13,190/9366
 Natural gas 2765/2078 9564/6793
 \({\text{NPV}}\), million € 6.1 10.5
 Potential facilities for heat supply Industrial and municipal buildings Sanatoriums, recreation centres, and hotels