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Table 3 Parameters used for calculations

From: An assessment of technical and economic feasibility to install geothermal well systems across Ukraine

Designation Parameter Value Unit
a Thermal diffusivity of rocks 0.086 m2/day
C v Volumetric heat capacity of water 4.2 MJ/(m3 °C)
\(H_{0}\) The depth of the neutral layer 10 m
\(I_{0}\) Groundwater head pressure gradient 0003
\(k\) Rock conductivity 2 m/day
\(l\) Distance between injection and pumping wells 800 m
\(m\) Aquifer thickness 20 m
\(n\) Active porosity 0.2
\(r_{\text{w}}\) Well radius 0.1 m
\(T_{0}\) Water temperatures in rocks at a depth of the neutral layer 10 °C
\(T_{\text{out}}\) Cooled water temperature 5–15 °C
\(\lambda\) Thermal conductivity of rocks 1.8 W/(m °C)
\(_{\text{inj}}\) Density of injected water 1016–1056 kg/m3
  1. – denotes dimensionless parameters