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Fig. 3

From: Curie point depth, thermal gradient, and heat flow in the Colombian Caribbean (northwestern South America)

Fig. 3

Examples of spectra and respective CPD estimations for oceanic (Part 1) and continental (Part 2) zones. Only the long wavelength domain of the spectrum is presented. Points and lines in green, respectively, indicate the spectrum zone used to calculate the depth to the top (Zt) and the corresponding adjusted straight line. Points and lines in red, respectively, show the zone used to determine (Zo) and respective adjusted line. Equations of the adjusted lines and their respective correlation coefficients (R2) are given. At the left side of Part 1, representative CPD estimates (estimated values common for that area) shown for an oceanic area (estimations by both method) and for a maximum value (right side). Part 2 presents, for the continental area, CPD estimations, by both methods, for a minimal (left side) and for a maximal value (right side)

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