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Table 2 Processing sequence applied to 3-D seismic data volume in Groß Schönebeck

From: 3-D seismic exploration across the deep geothermal research platform Groß Schönebeck north of Berlin/Germany

Workflow segment Processing tool
Field processing Source-/receiver-/CMP-geometry
Main processing Minimum-phase transformation
Elimination of bad traces
Airwave suppression
Data preparation and correction Static correction (short refraction lines, first-break picks)
Spherical divergence correction
Surface-consistent amplitude correction
Deconvolution (predictive and adaptive)
Residual static correction
Noise-suppression (time-slice analysis)
Stacking—option 1 Common Mid-Point processing: velocity analyses + NMO correction + stacking
Stacking—option 2 Common Reflection Surface processing: CRS analysis + stacking
Migration and depth model building Post-stack time migration
f-xy deconvolution
Zero-phase transformation
Time-depth conversion