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Table 1 Acquisition parameters of the 3-D seismic survey in Groß Schönebeck

From: 3-D seismic exploration across the deep geothermal research platform Groß Schönebeck north of Berlin/Germany

Survey parameter Parameter value
Survey period Feb/March 2017 (17 work days)
Seismic source (regular) 4 vibrators M12/606—Hemi 48, each 200 kN
Sweep Linear up, 12–96 Hz, 8 × 12 s, 360 ms taper
Source interval 50 m (48 m linear pattern)
Line distance 700 m
Number vibrator points 1830
Seismic source (exceptional) 15 explosive shots (each ~ 1.2 kg charge, 10–15 m deep)
Geophone type Sercel jF-20DX, 12 per group
Receiver interval 50 m (linear pattern, 4.15 m geophone spacing)
Line distance 400 m
Number of receivers 3240 (all active)
Instrument Sercel system 428, v5
Recording Unstacked, uncorrelated
Trace length 5 s (correlated)
Sampling interval 2 ms