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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 4 Physical parameters characteristics of intrusive rocks or strata (cited from Peng et al. (2016a))

From: Geophysical survey of geothermal energy potential in the Liaoji Belt, northeastern China

Ages Lithology Specific resistance Density Magnetic susceptibility
Cretaceous Adamellite, alkali feldspar granite, granite High Weak Strong
Jurassic Adamellite, biotite adamellite High Weak Intermediate/strong
Shale, sandstone, conglomerate, tuff, sandstone, crystal-lithic tuff Low Intermediate Weak
Middle Triassic Granite porphyry, granitello High Weak Strong
Early Triassic Granodiorite High Weak Strong
Paleoproterozoic Biotite plagiogranite, biotite adamellite, granite, moyite, amphibolite High Weak Weak
Gneiss, marble, leucoleptite, mica schist, leptynite Low Strong Intermediate
Archean Granitic gneiss High Weak Intermediate