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Geothermal Energy Cover Image
Fig. 7 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 7

From: Geophysical survey of geothermal energy potential in the Liaoji Belt, northeastern China

Fig. 7

a Measured profile of gravity data. b Measured profile of magnetic data. c 2D inversion profile of telluric electromagnetic soundings. d Inferred tectonic profiles. 1. Paleozoic. 2. Permian. 3. Jurassic. 4. Archean granitic gneiss. 5. Paleoproterozoic granite. 6. Early Triassic diorite. 7. Middle Triassic granite. 8. Jurassic granite. 9. Cretaceous granite. 10. Fault. 11. Water storage structures. 12. Hot spring

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