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Table 1 Stratigraphic chart and main lithologies of the Permo-Triassic sedimentary succession in SE Germany (STC 2016)

From: Pore-fluid-dependent controls of matrix and bulk thermal conductivity of mineralogically heterogeneous sandstones

Period Group   Formation (Folge) Main lithology
TRIASSIC Keuper  U Exter-Fm. Sst, Clst
 M Trossingen-Fm. Clst
Löwenstein-Fm. Sst, Clst
Mainhardt-Fm.b)/Hassberge-Fm. Clst, Gyp, Anhy/Sst
Steigerwald-Fm. Clst
Stuttgart-Fm. Sst, Clst
 L Grabfeld-Fm./Benk-Fm. Clst, Gyp, Anhy/Sst
Erfurt-Fm./Grafenwöhr-Fm. Clst, Dol/Sst
Muschelkalk  U Meißner-Fm. Ls, mrlst, Clst
Trochitenkalk-Fm. Ls, Clst
 M Diemel-Fm. Dol, mrlst
Heilbronn-Fm. Anhy, Gyp
Karlstadt-Fm. Dol, mrlst
 L Jena-Fm. mrlst, Clst, Ls
Buntsandstein  U Röt-Fm. Sst, mrlst
 M Solling-Fm. Sst, Clst
Hardegsen-Fm. Sst, Clst
Detfurth-Fm. Sst, Clst
Volpriehausen-Fm. Sst, Clst
 L Bernburg-Fm. Sst, Clst
Calvörde-Fm. Sst, Clst
PERMIAN Zechstein Fulda-Fm. (z7) Clst, Sst
Friesland-Fm. (z6) – Werra-Fm. (z1) Clst, Dol, Anhy, Gyp, mrlst
Rotliegend Unclassified Sst, Clst, Cgl