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Fig. 11

From: Pore-fluid-dependent controls of matrix and bulk thermal conductivity of mineralogically heterogeneous sandstones

Fig. 11

Combination of mineralogical composition and vp values: cross-plots and resulting R2 values of the product of total quartz volume fraction (vquartz) and vp versus a bulk thermal conductivity (λb) of air-saturated sandstones and b bulk thermal conductivity (λb) of water-saturated sandstones. c The product of the total quartz + dolomite volume fraction (vquartz + dolomite) and vp plotted versus λb achieves the best correlation of R2 = 0.79 in the case of water-saturated sandstones. λb and vp are measured parallel to bedding. Samples characterized by > 85 vol.% total quartz and samples with > 20 vol.% dolomite are highlighted

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