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Table 3 Classification of the waters in Şavşat Geothermal Field according to IAH (1979)

From: Conceptual model of the Şavşat (Artvin/NE Turkey) Geothermal Field developed with hydrogeochemical, isotopic, and geophysical studies

Sample name Definitions Sampling date Water type
ILICAS Thermal well water May 16 Na–HCO3–Cl
October 16 Na–HCO3–Cl
March 17 Na–HCO3–Cl
July 17 Na–HCO3–Cl
CDMS Mineral water May 16 Na–Ca–HCO3–Cl
March 17 Na–Ca–HCO3–Cl
July 17 Na–Ca–HCO3–Cl
GMS Mineral water July 17 Ca–Mg–Na–HCO3
ŞSSK Spring water May 16 Ca–HCO3
October 16 Ca–HCO3
March 17 Ca–HCO3
July 17 Ca–HCO3
GSK Spring water July 17 Ca–Mg–HCO3
CERDERY Surface water May 16 Ca–HCO3
October 16 Ca–Mg–Na–HCO3
March 17 Ca–Na–HCO3
July 17 Ca–Na–HCO3
CERDERA Surface water May 16 Na–Ca–HCO3–Cl
October 16 Na–HCO3–Cl
March 17 Na–Ca–HCO3
July 17 Na–Ca–HCO3