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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 1 Coordinates and elevations of sampling points in the study area

From: Conceptual model of the Şavşat (Artvin/NE Turkey) Geothermal Field developed with hydrogeochemical, isotopic, and geophysical studies

Sample name Definitions Coordinates (UTM 37 T WGS84) Elevation (m)
ILICAS Thermal well water 0282740–4586153 1495
CDMS Mineral water 0281351–4573470 1145
GMS Mineral water 0283639–4586548 1600
SSSK Cold spring water 0282628–4588250 1550
GSK Cold spring water 0283484–4586187 1712
CERDERY Surface water 0281280–4586418 1490
CERDERA Surface water 0282940–4585958 1496