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Fig. 11 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 11

From: Evaluation of the Lund deep geothermal exploration project in the Romeleåsen Fault Zone, South Sweden: a case study

Fig. 11

Chemical concentration signatures of formation fluids plotted in a Schoeller diagram. The plot exemplifies deep boreholes in the upper crystalline crust, i.e., Urach (Stober and Bucher 2004), KTB (Stober and Bucher 2005), Soultz-sous-Forêts (Pauwels et al. 1993, Sanjuan et al. 2006), Gravberg-1 (Aldahan et al. 1991), and DGE-1. The FFC-1 data represent fluids coming in the Triassic succession at 1840 m depth in southwest Skåne (DONG 2003)

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