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Fig. 7 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 7

From: The layered model of the Copahue geothermal reservoir, Argentina

Fig. 7

Chemical fluid approach to infer the physicochemical features of the geothermal reservoir in Copahue, according to Agusto et al. (2013). Gas discharge composition database from Jurío (1977), Panarello (2002), Martini et al. (1997), Agusto et al. (2013), and Tardani et al. (2016). a Binary diagram for the CO–CO2–H2–H2O system. Theoretical single-saturated vapor phase and single-saturated liquid phase are shown. b log(XH2/XH2O) vs. log(XCO/XCO2) binary diagram with theoretical compositions of the vapor in equilibrium controlled by the DP redox buffer (D’amore and Panichi 1980) and the typical FeO–FeO1.5 geothermal buffer reaction (Giggenbach 1987). c log(XCH4/CH2O) vs. log(XCO2/XH2O) binary diagram; vapor and liquid phase fields controlled by DP redox buffer are also shown (D’amore and Panichi 1980). d log(XCH4/CH2O) vs. log(XCO2/XH2O) binary diagram; theoretical compositions of equilibrated vapor and liquid phases at redox conditions controlled by the FeO–FeO1.5 redox buffer are shown

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