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Table 1 List of samples collected on the field with their occurrence (fracture infillings (F.I.) or host rock (H. R.), locality, with their GPS coordinates when available, clay mineralogy, and petrophysical parameters [ρb: bulk density (g cm−3), Φw: water porosity (%), K: permeability (m2, measurement limits 10−19–10−11 m2)]

From: The characterisation of an exhumed high-temperature paleo-geothermal system on Terre-de-Haut Island (the Les Saintes archipelago, Guadeloupe) in terms of clay minerals and petrophysics

Sample Occurrence Locality GPS coordinates Clay mineralogy Petrophysical properties
Latitude Longitude Sme Ilt Chl KIn(± Hall) ph [g cm−3] ΦW [%] K [m2]
15.142 F. I. Airfied (North) N15°51′51.7″ W061°34′57.8″   1.90 28.00  
15.144 F. I. Airfied (North)          
GEC 341 F. I. Anse du Figuier (East) N15°51′30.5″ W061°35′13.9″       
GEC 342 H-R Anse du Figuier (East)          
GD15.136 F. I. Anse du Figuier (West) N15°51′30.5″ W061°35′20.8″     1.60 32.19  
GEC 348 H-R Anse Galet N15°51′50.1″ W061°35′36.5″      
16.10 H-R Grosse Pointe N15°52′13.2″ W061°34′08′6″       
GEC 213 H-R Grosse Pointe          
GEC 217 F. I. Grosse Pointe N15°52′13.2″ W061°34′14′6″       
GEC 219 H-R Grosse Pointe          
15.147 H-R La Savane N15°51′46.9″ W061°34′55.6″      
GEC 308 F. I. La Savane         
GEC 317 H-R La Savane         
GEC 335 F. I. La Savane         
GEC 337 F. I. North of Le Chameau N15°51′43.0″ W061°35′46.3″       
GEC 338 H-R North of Le Chameau          
GD15.139 H-R Le Chameau (South) N15°51′11.7″ W061°35′39.5″     2.33 12.94 2.94 × 10−14
GD15.140 H-R Le Chameau (South)        2.24 15.64  
GD15.141 H-R Le Chameau (South)        2.45 8.06 1.08 × 10−18
GEC 220 H-R Le Marigot (East) N15°52′14.6″ W061°34′58.1″       
GEC 221 F. I Le Marigot (West) N15°52′18.4″ W061°34′24.9″       
GEC 328 H-R Morne a Craie N15°51′32.3″ W061°35′02.3″       
GEC 330 F. I. Morne a Craie          
GEC 331 H-R Morne a Craie          
GEC 332 H-R Morne a Craie          
GEC 333 H-R Morne a Craie          
16.08 H-R Morne Morel N15°52′26.9″ W061°34′30.7″     2.25 17.47 1.06 × 10−15
16.09 H-R Morne Morel        2.04 22.95 1.31 × 10−15
GEC 236 H-R Grande Anse (North) N15°52′04.1″ W061°34′31.1″       
GD16.01 H-R Grande Anse (North)        
GD16.02 H-R Grande Anse (North)       2.07 17.11  
GD16.03 H-R Grande Anse (North)      2.02 26.05  
GD16.05 H-R Grande Anse (North) N15°52′02.0″ W061°34′34.8″    2.08 22.88 1.16 × 10−17
GD16.06 H-R Grande Anse (North)       1.97 23.55 5.26 × 10−13
GEC 238 F. I. Grande Anse (North)          
GEC 265 H-R Grande Anse (North) N15°52′03.9″ W061°34′32.4″     
GEC 270 H-R Grande Anse (North)        
GEC 355 H-R Pointe Batterie (East) N15°51′52.8″ W061°35′24.0″      
GEC 352 H-R Pointe Batterie (West) N15°51′53.6″ W061°35′22.1″      
GEC 353 F. I. Pointe Batterie (West)         
GEC 321 F. I. Pointe Rodrigue N15°51′29.2″ W061°34′40.2″       
GEC 322 H-R Pointe Rodrigue          
GEC 325 H-R Pointe Rodrigue          
17TH27a H-R Pompierre (NE) N15°52′22.9″ W061°34′18.6″       
GD15.137 F. I. Pompierre (NE)          
GD15.138 H-R Pompierre (NE)        2.11   1.45 × 10−15
GEC 207 H-R Pompierre (SE) N15°52′17.8″ W061°34′07.9″