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Fig. 7

From: The characterisation of an exhumed high-temperature paleo-geothermal system on Terre-de-Haut Island (the Les Saintes archipelago, Guadeloupe) in terms of clay minerals and petrophysics

Fig. 7

X-ray diffractogram of the different clay assemblages found in the analyzed samples 16.09 (a), 15.142 (b), 16.01 (c). For their location, see Table 1. (d(001), d(002) and d(003) are indexed, except for Kaolinite (= Kaol) where only d(001) and d(002) are indexed). Smectite (= Sme), Illite(= Ill), Chlorite (= Chl). A (from sample 16.09, Morne Morel): Smectite only; B (from sample 15.142, central part of Terre-de-Haut, airfield): Smectite + Illite + Kaolinite ± Halloysite; C (from sample 16.01, north of Grande Anse): Smectite + Illite + Chlorite ± Kaolinite ± Halloysite

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