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Fig. 8

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Predictability and controlling factors of overpressure in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, SE Germany: an interdisciplinary post-drill analysis of the Geretsried GEN-1 deep geothermal well

Fig. 8

Results of sensitivity study of base case model. a Minimum and maximum pore pressure gradient deviation from base case model at the Geretsried GEN-1 well location, using different parameters for paleo-water depth (PWD), surface temperature (Tsurf) and basal heat flux (BHF). The black vertical line represents the base case model with PWD = 0 m, Tsurf = 10 °C and BHF = 53 mW/m2. b Modeled temperature profiles at the Geretsried GEN-1 drill site. The black-dashed line shows the modeled present-day temperature profile at the Geretsried GEN-1 drill site using the base case parameters. The gray-dashed line and red-dashed line represent the modeled temperature profiles for a basal heat flux of 30 mW/m2 and 70 mW/m2, respectively. The blue-dashed line marks the modeled temperature profile for a constant temperature profile of 30 °C and the green-dashed line overlying the base case line shows that a change in paleo-water depth to 1000 m has no impact on the modeled temperature profile. The squares represent the measured bottom-hole temperatures in the AOI (light blue filling) and at the Geretsried GEN-1 drill site (yellow filling), while the dots represent the modeled bottom-hole temperatures in the AOI (black fillings) and at the Geretsried GEN-1 drill site (yellow filling)

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