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Fig. 7

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Predictability and controlling factors of overpressure in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, SE Germany: an interdisciplinary post-drill analysis of the Geretsried GEN-1 deep geothermal well

Fig. 7

Pore pressure overview and velocity data of the calibration wells. Depth in true vertical depth (TVD) from ground level, pressure and stress in equivalent mud weight (EMW) in g/cm3. ad also show casing shoe depths (black triangles), drilling mud weight MW (brown line), hydrostatic pressure Hyd (dashed light blue line), estimated pore pressure from VSP or sonic data PPseis (blue line), estimated pore pressure from the base case 3D basin model base case (dashed dark blue line) and model #14 (dotted dark blue line), vertical stress σv (solid black line), total gas readings TG (red annotations) and stratigraphic tops (black annotations). a Overview of Well A. Total gas data were not available. b Overview of Well B. The green dots represent drill stem test pressure data. c Overview of Well C. d Overview of Well D. Pressure cavings are annotated in purple

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