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Fig. 6

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Predictability and controlling factors of overpressure in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, SE Germany: an interdisciplinary post-drill analysis of the Geretsried GEN-1 deep geothermal well

Fig. 6

Calibration well-specific deviation from the maximum pore pressure gradient of the average best fit basin models. For each model the used clay content (40%, 70% or 90%) of the permeability model from Yang and Aplin (2010) or the temperature-dependent permeability model (KT; c.f. Equation 2) of the Chattian (Ch), Rupelian (Ru), Lattorf/Sannoisian (LS) and Upper Cretaceous (UC) are specified. The black-dotted box indicates the acceptable pressure gradient deviation of 0.15 g/cm3. The numbers mark the model number used in Table 4. Model descriptions highlighted in green indicate models which yielded acceptable pore pressure deviations at the calibration Wells A–D

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