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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 4 GEOPHIRES output results for example simulation 2

From: GEOPHIRES v2.0: updated geothermal techno-economic simulation tool

Average net electricity production 12.4 MWe
Average net annual electricity delivery 98 GWhe year−1
LCOE (in 2017 constant dollars) ¢11.6 kWh −1th
Total capital costs (M$) $82.6 M
Drilling and completion costs (for 6 wells) $27.2 M
Surface plant cost $46.7 M
Fluid gathering system cost $4.1 M
Exploration cost $4.6 M
Total annual O&M costs (M$ year−1) $2.4 M year−1
Wellfield O&M cost $0.67 M year−1
Surface equipment O&M cost $1.76 M year−1