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Table 1 GEOPHIRES input parameters for example simulation 1

From: GEOPHIRES v2.0: updated geothermal techno-economic simulation tool

Subsurface parameters
Reservoir type Sedimentary matrix flow Reservoir model TOUGH2
Well configuration Doublet Well depth 2000 m
Number of production wells 1 (vertical) Number of injection wells 1 (vertical)
Production well inner diam. 0.20 m (8″) Injection well inner diam. 0.20 m (8″)
Productivity index 5 kg s−1 bar−1 Injectivity index 5 kg s−1 bar−1
Bottom-hole temperature 120 °C Production well flow rate 50 kg s−1
Reservoir thickness 250 m Water loss rate 0%
Reservoir width 500 m Well separation 900 m
Rock heat capacity 1000 J kg−1 K−1 Reservoir porosity 10%
Rock density 2700 kg m−3 Reservoir permeability 10−13 m2 (100 md)
Rock thermal conductivity 2.5 W m−1 K−1 Wellbore heat transmission Ramey’s model
Geofluid Pure water   
Surface parameters
End-use Direct-Use Heat Utilization factor 90%
Re-injection temperature 80 °C Pump efficiency 75%
Surface temperature 15 °C End-use efficiency 90%
Economic parameters
Levelized cost model BICYCLE model Project lifetime 30 years
Bond financing fraction 65% Equity financing fraction 35%
Nominal bond interest rate 7% Nominal equity interest rate 12%
Inflation rate 2.5% Income tax rate 30%
Gross revenue tax rate 0% Investment tax credit rate 0%
Property tax rate 0% Surface equipment cost $5 M
Electricity rate for pumping 7 ¢ kWh−1 All other costs Built-in correlations