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Fig. 2

From: Numerical analysis of the role of radiogenic basement on temperature distribution in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec

Fig. 2

Stratigraphy of St. Lawrence Lowlands. Stratigraphy of St. Lawrence Lowlands, with lithology, thermal and reservoir properties (thermal conductivity k in \(\hbox {W m}^{-1}\hbox { K}^{-1}\) and radiogenic heat production A in \(\upmu \hbox {W m}^{-3}\), values of the minimum, maximum and mean are in parentheses; Perm = permeability). Basin evolution is modified after (Comeau et al. 2012), combining data obtained from Bédard et al. (2016), Globensky (1987), Hersi et al. (2003), Hofmann (1972), Nasr (2016), Pinti et al. (2011), Rocher and Tremblay (2001)

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