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Fig. 6

From: Cyclic soft stimulation (CSS): a new fluid injection protocol and traffic light system to mitigate seismic risks of hydraulic stimulation treatments

Fig. 6

Proposed site-specific relationship between injected net fluid volume and maximum fluid-injection-induced seismic moment magnitude. a Higher magnitude seismic events in green indicate fault activation after a hydraulic fracture (characterized by lower magnitude seismic events in blue) develops from the injection point (perforations) and hits the fault (Maxwell et al. 2008). b Schematic of a hypothetical site-specific magnitude–net volume relation that changes once the fluid pressure front reaches a fault. c Schematic of a hypothetical cumulative frequency (N)–magnitude (Mw) distribution of fluid-injection-induced seismic events caused by hydraulic fracturing (b ~ 2) and fault activation (b ~ 1)

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