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Table 2 Mandatory public consultations for low and high temperature geothermal energy

From: Social shaping of deep geothermal projects in Alsace: politics, stakeholder attitudes and local democracy

  Low-temperature project High-temperature project
Depth and temperature Drilling depth over 200 m,
< 150 °C
Drilling depth over 200 m,
> 150 °C
Uses Heat for industries and urban heat network Power and heat (greenhouses, industries, heat network)
Application for an exclusive licence to prospect (PER) Administered by the prefecture
Organization of a local public inquiry
Administered by the Ministry of Mines
European competition
Public information and consultation through the Minister web site
Permit is issued Prefectural decree, valid for 3 years Ministerial decree, valid for 5 years
Authorization of exploration work Administered by the prefecture
Organization of a public inquiry