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Table 2 Elastic and thermal parameters of the medium of the simulation used in Code_Aster and SPECFEM2D to reproduce the mechanical and acoustic behavior of the cored sample used in the experiments

From: Coda wave interferometry during the heating of deep geothermal reservoir rocks

Wave speed (measured at ambient temperature) vP (km s−1) 4.89
vS (km s−1) 2.70
Thermal properties (at 20 °C) Isotropic thermal conductivity λ (W/m K) 2.2
Isotropic thermal expansion coefficient α (K−1) 12 × 10−6
Specific heat capacity at constant pressure c (J/kg K) 790
Elastic properties Young modulus E (GPa) 52
Poisson’s ratio ν 0.28
Density ρ (kg/m3) 2800
  1. Young’s modulus, density and the thermal properties of the rock are chosen from Heard and Page (1982), Maqsood et al. (2004), Park et al. (2004), Dwivedi et al. (2008) and Schön (2011)