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Fig. 15 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 15

From: Validation of hydrogeochemical databases for problems in deep geothermal energy

Fig. 15

Solubility of siderite at 25 \(^\circ \hbox {C}\) and \({p}(\hbox {CO}_{2})\) = 0.05 atm as a function of ionic strength. Data from Bruno et al. (1992) were measured in 1 molal sodium perchlorate (\(\hbox {NaClO}_{4}\)). Molality is abbreviated with “m” in the legend. Note that siderite was implemented in pitzer.dat using a \(\mathrm {log}_{10} \, {K}\) of − 10.898 at 25 \(^\circ \hbox {C}\)

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