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Table 3 Values of the radius (in m), the volume (in m3) and the mass (in kT) of the cylinder for a geothermal fluid of 80 °C (sub-case 1) and 160 °C (sub-case 2)

From: New results on the gravity monitoring (2014–2017) of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen geothermal sites (France)

  Sub-case 1: fluid keeps its initial temperature of 80 °C Sub-case 2: fluid warms up until the produced temperature of 160 °C
Density 1033 kg/m3 969 kg/m3
Radius of the cylinder 50.2 m 51.8 m
Volume of the cylinder 79,200 m3 84,431 m3
Depth of the cylinder 135 m 135 m
Mass 82 kT
  1. We consider the real injected mass