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Fig. 4

From: Characterizing the physical properties of rocks from the Paleozoic to Permo-Triassic transition in the Upper Rhine Graben

Fig. 4

Backscatter electron microscope images of select rocks characterised in this study. Black space is porosity. a Sandstone (WPS) from Raon l’Etape. b Dolomite (WPD) from Raon l’Etape. c Sandstone (TAS) from Waldhambach. d Granite (WAG) from Saint Pierre Bois. e Sandstone (WAAG) from Saint Pierre Bois. f Metabasite (TPDG) from Albersweiler. g Breccia (TPSC) from Albersweiler. h Metagranite (TPG) from Albersweiler. i Hydrothermally altered Permian volcanics (TPV) from Albersweiler

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