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Fig. 16 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 16

From: Borehole damaging under thermo-mechanical loading in the RN-15/IDDP-2 deep well: towards validation of numerical modeling using logging images

Fig. 16

Influence of the heat transfer coefficient on the temperature field and on crack apparition (legend: colormap is the same as in Fig. 15), for a stress state corresponding to case C (defined in "Numerical approach" section), with no hydraulic loading. Results on left correspond to a low heat transfer coefficient (1000 W·m−2 K−1). Results on right correspond to a high heat transfer coefficient (10,000 W m−2 K−1). On the top line, the comparison is made for the same duration of cool fluid injection (half-hour). On the bottom line, the comparison is made for a similar number of cracks (and different cooling durations)

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