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Table 1 Petrophysical parameters used for modelling of the temperatures

From: Structure and nature of the Palaeozoic basement based on magnetic, gravimetric and seismic investigations in the central Upper Rhinegraben

  Rock type Porosity (%) Heat production (μW/m3) Thermal conductivity (W/mK)
GrCFN CF Nord granites 0.35e 2.53a 2.8d
GdS South CF granodiorites 0.35e 3.23–3.68a 2.83c
SVS Steige-Villé schists Negligible 2.5e 3.03f
GBFW W Black Forest granite 0.35e 3.16a 2.85f
GOb Oberkirch granite 0.35e 3.16a 2.85f
IntCr Intermediate crust-gneiss? Negligible 1.04g 2.1b
LowCr Felsique lower crust Negligible 5.0e 2.1b
Sediments Ter Tertiary sediments 15d 1.4d 1.4d
Sédiments Mez Mesozoic sédiments 15d 1.4f 2.5d
  1. Mantel flux: 0.050 W/m2; surface température: 10 °C; fluid thermal conductivity: 0.6 W/m/K
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