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Fig. 8

From: Structure and nature of the Palaeozoic basement based on magnetic, gravimetric and seismic investigations in the central Upper Rhinegraben

Fig. 8

Transformed maps of the Erstein-Eschau-Illkirch horst zone: a Second vertical derivative of the aeromagnetic map reduced to the pole and upward continued by 150 m. b Analytical signal of the aeromagnetic map. c Second vertical derivative of the Bouguer anomalies. Gravimetric data from the 2015 survey are added to the Rotstein et al. (2006) dataset. d Structural interpretation of the geophysical maps: red/blue dots = magnetic/gravimetric boundaries, red/blue full and dashed lines = magnetic/gravimetric faults and discontinuities. Violet lines represent both magnetic and gravimetric faults and discontinuities. The whole is superimposed with temperature lines at 100 °C (green), 110° (yellow) and 120° (orange) at 2000-m depth from Fig. 2

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