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Fig. 11

From: Structure and nature of the Palaeozoic basement based on magnetic, gravimetric and seismic investigations in the central Upper Rhinegraben

Fig. 11

a Crustal section based on the EU GEORG section of the sedimentary infill of the Rhinegraben and on the ECORS_DEKORP seismic section down to the Moho (Brun et al. 1991; Edel and Schulmann 2009). The NW–SSE profile passes through the Illkirch area. b Temperature model using the adjacent section and the petrophysical parameters of Table 1. The objectives being in the upper crust., the vertical scale has been magnified. The upper and lower boundaries of the Lower Triassic–Permian and the main faults are superimposed with the section. c Log of temperatures in the Illkirch project area (IG), the easternmost Rhinegraben (ER) and the Central Black Forest (CBF) (b)

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