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Fig. 10

From: Structure and nature of the Palaeozoic basement based on magnetic, gravimetric and seismic investigations in the central Upper Rhinegraben

Fig. 10

a Migrated seismic sections. Inset: location of the profiles (see also Fig. 1a). Reflectors: SP schistes à poissons; SM schistes à Melettes; Dis Jurassic/Eocene discordance; Kp-top of the Triassic; Mk top of the Muschelkalk; Bs top of the Buntsandstein; P top of the Palaeozoic basement. Faults are in red. b The vertical (Mdv1) and second vertical (Mdv2) derivatives of the magnetic anomaly reduced to the pole indicate faults and discontinuities within the basement. The second vertical derivative of the Bouguer (Gdv2) anomalies locates the faults and discontinuities of both the sedimentary cover and the crystalline basement. The 0 level of the second vertical derivatives shows faults and boundaries provided these are subvertical. The discontinuities are in red (Mdv1 and Mdv2), blue (Gdv2) or violet when both magnetic and gravimetric gradients coincide

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