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Fig. 1

From: Structure and nature of the Palaeozoic basement based on magnetic, gravimetric and seismic investigations in the central Upper Rhinegraben

Fig. 1

a Outcrop of the Northern Palaeozoic Vosges and isobaths map of the Triassic bottom derived from the interpretation of seismic sections (after Ménard 1979). Red contour: limits of the new aeromagnetic map. The A zone is shown in this paper. The B zone is completed by the magnetic data at ground level by Edel et al. (1982). Green contour: limits of the additional gravimetric data. Violet contour: location of the detailed maps given in Fig. 8. Location of the seismic sections in the area of the geothermal project: old lines in white, new ones in red. Mei2 is the sole borehole that has cored the granitic basement. Coordinates: Lat/Long in red, Lambert II extended in blue, UTM zone 32 N in green. b Location of the investigated area in the upper Rhinegraben. CF: Champ du Feu; URSZ: Upper-Rhine Shear Zone (Edel et al. 2007). The dashed line in a locates the temperature section of Fig. 11

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