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Table 2 Type of water identified in the groundwater samples

From: Hydrochemistry and geothermometry of thermal water in northeastern Morocco

Sample Name Water type
1 Na–Ca–Cl
2 Fezouan (1672/7) Ca–Mg–HCO3
3 Hamma Naliw Amar Na–Cl–HCO3
4 Hammam Châabi Na–Cl
5 Aïn Hamra ou Aïn Chifa (Tlat Azlaf) Na–Ca–HCO3–SO4
6 Aïn Sidi Chafi (Laktitir, Taourirt) Na–Ca–Cl–SO4
7 Hammat Moulay Yaâcoub, Outat Lhaj or Tiggour (208/31) Ca–Mg–HCO3
8 Aïn Sidi Aïssa (Ras Lakssar) Na–Ca–HCO3–Cl
9 Ben Kachour (159/12) Na–Cl
10 Tzadert (Figuig) Na–Ca–Cl–HCO3