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Fig. 2 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 2

From: Geothermal exploration in a sedimentary basin: new continuous temperature data and physical rock properties from northern Oman

Fig. 2

[modified from NF40-03, Seeb sheet, 1992, Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals; Kusky et al. (2005), Fournier et al. (2006)]

Purple dots—location of the wells, where new continuous T-logs were recorded. Red waves—location of hot springs and temperature (data provided by the MRMWR). Green dots—location of outcrop sampling of the Barzaman Fm., Seeb Fm. and Oligocene carbonates (Ma’am reefs). AK—Al Khawd dam. Red star—site, where a thermally driven cooling system will be installed. Yellow star—well field with bottom-hole temperature (BHT) data (cf. Fig. 4). The geological units are described in Fig. 1. Black lines—major faults

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