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Table 7 True permeability at confining pressures from 5 to 65 MPa using Klinkenberg correction

From: Matrix permeability of reservoir rocks, Ngatamariki geothermal field, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Sample ID Confining pressures (MPa)
5 15 25 35 45 55 65
NM2 1354.2 A 7.80E−17 4.94E−17 3.83E−17 3.39E−17 3.11E−17 2.78E−17 2.63E−17
NM2 1354.2 B 5.26E−17 2.29E−17 2.23E−17 1.91E−17 1.71E−17 1.62E−17 1.52E−17
NM2 1354.4 A 3.87E−17 2.04E−17 1.57E−17 1.41E−17 1.30E−17 1.24E−17 1.18E−17
NM2 1788 A 3.46E−17 2.70E−17 2.36E−17 2.24E−17 2.22E−17 2.12E−17 2.07E−17
NM2 2254.7 A 5.16E−18 2.57E−18 1.76E–18 1.35E−18 9.91E−19 6.91E−19 6.12E−19
NM3 1743 A 6.17E−19 8.62E−19 4.98E−19 3.62E−19 2.57E−19 1.70E−19 1.30E−19
NM3 1743 C 2.95E−18 1.43E−18 9.61E−19 7.17E−19 5.63E−19 4.58E−19 4.29E−16
NM4 1477.2 A 1.58E−18 6.76E−19 1.32E−19 6.16E−20 2.27E−20 9.79E−21
NM8a 2525.5 C 2.01E−17 8.15E−18 5.80E−18 4.70E−18 3.98E−18 3.27E−18 2.68E−18
NM8a 3280 2.41E−18 1.29E−18 6.59E−19 3.63E−19 1.40E−19 1.27E−19
NM8a 3284.1 A 1.86E−16 1.66E−16 1.60E−16 1.57E−16 1.52E−16 1.51E−16 1.48E−16
NM8a 3284.1 B 1.83E−16 1.64E−16 1.55E−16 1.51E−16 1.47E−16 1.45E−16 1.42E−16
NM8a 3284.1 C 1.68E−16 1.51E−16 1.49E−16 1.41E−16 1.39E−16 1.40E−16
NM8a 3284.7 C 5.98E−18 3.02E−18 1.33E−18 8.74E−19 5.45E−19 3.76E−19 3.15E−19
NM11 2083.34 A 2.80E−16 2.55E−16 2.43E−16 2.34E−16 2.33E−16 2.27E−16 2.23E−16
NM11 2083.34 B 2.63E−16 2.39E−16 2.26E−16 2.19E−16 2.13E−16 2.08E−16 2.05E−16
NM11 2087.4 A 1.54E−16 1.38E−16 1.29E−16 1.27E−16 1.23E−16 1.21E−16 1.20E−16
NM11 2087.4 B 2.25E−16 2.01E−16 1.92E−16 1.88E−16 1.84E−16 1.81E−16 1.78E−16
NM11 2087.4 C 2.23E−16 1.95E−16 1.85E−16 1.79E−16 1.72E−16 1.72E−16 1.70E−16
NM11 2087.4 D 1.81E−16 1.56E−16 1.48E−16 1.45E−16 1.42E−16 1.30E−16
  1. –, not tested