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Fig. 17 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 17

From: Geologic framework of the Fang Hot Springs area with emphasis on structure, hydrology, and geothermal development, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand

Fig. 17

Horizontal clayey, sandy gravel of the Mae Taeng Formation. Subround clasts are entirely quartzitic sandstone with veinlets of quartz up to 40 cm diameter. Quarry wall is ~60 m high, comprised of a lower 4 m of clayey sandy boulder gravel, 1.5 m of sand, 4 m of fining upward sandy boulder gravel with a sandy top, and 8 m of clayey boulder gravel. Upper 40 m poorly exposed clayey, sandy gravel. Location is along the Huai Ton Pheung Road, 0.5 km NW of Ban Ton Pheung, (516322E, 2204677N)

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