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Fig. 16 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 16

From: Geologic framework of the Fang Hot Springs area with emphasis on structure, hydrology, and geothermal development, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand

Fig. 16

Photos of Cenozoic Mae Fang Formation sediment. Photos (ac) are located 100 m west of the national park check station on the road to Doi Pha Hom Pok at (520495E, 2207547N). a Clayey, sandy gravel with lenses of coalified wood dipping 44°SE. b Reverse fault (strike of 070°, dip of 61°NW) in sandy gravel. Footwall sediments dip 44°SE. Digging hoe, 1 m long, for scale. c Close-up photo of sandy gravel of photo (a). Clasts are entirely dark gray to white quartzite with white quartz veinlets. d Sandstone and conglomerate (strike 310°, dip 45°SW in the bed of the Nam Mae Chai (river), on the immediate SE side of the Mae Chan fault (516790E, 2206410N)). e Normal fault (strike 025°, dip 39°NW, 2 m offset) in pebbly sandstone of the Mae Fang Formation striking 001° to 335°, and dipping 25° to 34°. Base of section (lower right) is 2 m of gray silt with coalified plant detritus. Excavation is 11 m high. Location is 700 m west of Ban Hua Na School at (513584E, 2203193N)

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