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Fig. 15 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 15

From: Geologic framework of the Fang Hot Springs area with emphasis on structure, hydrology, and geothermal development, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand

Fig. 15

Photos of gneiss and mylonite: a foliated granite with sheared porphyroclasts at the hydroelectric plant bridge (516237E, 2208078N) (pencil diameter is 9 mm). b ultra-fine-grained mylonite on the west side of Huai Hian (creek) (0518528E, 2208928N) showing foliation striking 108° and dipping 11°SW (coin diameter is 25 mm). c photo showing foliated (178°strike, 28° W dip) mylonite, with quartz veins showing strike-parallel lineation at bridge (516449E, 2207718N). d coarse grained, weakly foliated biotite granite (weathered to brown color) in cut on road to Haui Born Cave (519819E, 2209366N). e photo looking west at the hot springs area and steam plume from the FTGE-7 well. Hot springs area is studded with corestones of foliated granite. f photo showing fractures in foliated granite filled with brownish veinlets of chalcedony (?) (515300E, 2207520N)

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