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Fig. 1

From: Geologic framework of the Fang Hot Springs area with emphasis on structure, hydrology, and geothermal development, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand

Fig. 1

Tectonic map of Thailand showing major terranes and structural provinces modified after Ridd et al. (2011). Major tectonic lines shown in red are MYF Mae Yuam fault; MPFB Mae Ping fault belt; TPFB Three Pagodas fault belt; TMF Tha Mai fault; CML Chiang Mai line. Cenozoic rift basins shown in outlined white color after Uttamo et al. (2003). Bk Bangkok; Ch Chanthaburi; CK Chiang Khong; CM Chiang Mai; CR Chiang Rai; K Kanchanaburi; Sk Sukhothai

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