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Table 1 Wireline-logging tools used in this study

From: Predictability of properties of a fractured geothermal reservoir: the opportunities and limitations of an outcrop analogue study

Tool Log interval (MD) (m) Measurements of Evaluation of
GR 3305–3150 Natural gamma rays Sand/clay content, depth correlation of the various logging tools
FMI 3295–3150 Electrical resistance, well caliper Sedimentary facies, detection of open/closed fractures, fracture orientation, fracture intensity, fracture apertures
DSI 3293–3150 Compressional- and shear-wave velocities Matrix porosity, elastic mechanical rock properties, lithology
LDS 3294–3150 Emitted gamma rays, Compton scattering and photoelectric absorption Bulk porosity, bulk density, lithology
  1. GR gamma ray, FMI formation micro imager, DSI dipole sonic imager, LDS litho density sonde, MD measured depth