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Fig. 13

From: Predictability of properties of a fractured geothermal reservoir: the opportunities and limitations of an outcrop analogue study

Fig. 13

Fracture properties derived from the FMI log (analysed and provided by J. Reinecker). a, b The fracture orientations, above and below 3270 m depth, respectively, in equal area-scaled rose diagrams with 10° bin size. The dashed red line shows the strike of the fault that cuts through the reservoir. c, d The corresponding pole plots (equal area, lower hemisphere) with the great circle showing the fault orientation. e, f Half-circular diagrams showing the relation between fracture strike, with respect to aperture and fracture filling. Rose diagrams scaled for mean aperture for 10° bins. The red lines indicate the local maximum horizontal stress direction from the well (Reinecker et al. 2015)

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