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Fig. 1

From: Predictability of properties of a fractured geothermal reservoir: the opportunities and limitations of an outcrop analogue study

Fig. 1

a Location of the URG. b Solid geological map of the study area. The locations of the outcrops studied (LS Leistadt, CL Cleebourg, RS Riesenstein, KF Kammerforster) are indicated by red dots, and the geothermal well Brühl GT1 is represented by a blue diamond (map modified after Eisbacher and Fielitz 2010). c Permo-Carboniferous troughs and highs in the URG. Black lines indicate Variscan fault traces (after Schumacher 2002). d Fault map showing major fault traces in the graben and on adjacent graben shoulders that indicates the complex deformation history (modified after Meixner et al. 2016). Red lines in (bd) show the main Cenozoic boundary faults of the URG

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