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Fig. 1

From: Concepts of modeling surface energy anisotropy in phase-field approaches

Fig. 1

All graphs show the precipitate in the simulation domain during the evolution, due to the classical model, Eqs. (12) and (13), and for the anisotropy parameter \(F_{\alpha \beta }=0.06\) in the left, \(F_{\alpha \beta }=0.15\) in the middle, and \(F_{\alpha \beta }=0.45\) in the right columns. In the top row, the initial setup (\(t=0\)) is shown as a red dashed line, and an intermediate state (\(t=30\)) is shown with black solid and dashed lines, corresponding to the loci of \(\phi =0.5\), \(\phi =0.01,\) and \(\phi =0.99\). In the bottom row, the final (\(t=600\)) results (black lines) are overlapped by the polar plots of the corresponding Wulff shapes (magenta lines), due to the appropriate interface energy plots (blue lines)

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